One thing that I never tire of is seeing creatives develop their style. Oriol went very quickly from taking shots that could be anyone's to finding what his creative voice would be.

He created creative challenges for himself based on the lessons in Composition Essentials to push his creativity, and the results were inspiring.

I was blown away by the quick shift in his work as he journey down the path of finding his signature style.

Let’s celebrate Oriol’s results! ~ Rachel

Two Loves Studio Student Success Story - Oriol Portell

Before taking the course, I felt my photography was at a dead end.

After three years of blogging, it had certainly evolved: from taking simple snapshots to taking photos that were correct enough but completely lacked liveliness and expressivity.

I had no clue on how to give the subject the interest it deserved and I felt the need to find some tools, laws, and strategies to empower me.

I had no clue how to give the subject of my food photography the interest it deserved.

I knew that if I didn’t take things a step further I’d probably stop photography altogether.

I am much of a perfectionist (mostly with what I do, and not as much with the work of other people). I knew that if I didn't make a step further, sometime I'd probably stop photography altogether.

Because creative disciplines are probably the most rewarding, but at the same time they can be the most frustrating ones when you see you are not able to achieve your goals.

And I always strive for some level of quality in my work.

I had followed @twolovesstudio for some time, and I loved the photography style. I had read most of the articles on the blog, joined the 7-Day free course, bought and read "Art of Light" and so the contents of Composition Essentials seemed to be just perfect for my needs.

I had no clue how to give the subject of my food photography the interest it deserved.

Before taking Composition Essentials

I’m much more sensible and thoughtful when it comes to the quality of an image.

I'm far from having digested all the contents of the course: I consider myself a slow learner.

And I cannot speak of professional achievements, because as of today I've never worked as a food photographer, but taking Composition Essentials has helped me in many aspects:

1. Being much more sensible and thoughtful on the quality of an image;
2. Boosting my creativity by making use of small but effective strategies; and
3. Searching for new ways of looking at food with photography in mind

If you look at my photos now, you'll probably notice I am obsessed with two of the tools included in the course: color schemes and grids (or crop guides).

In fact, I am not sure I've gone past those two tools. I see diagonals and the golden rule everywhere!

As I said, I'm very slow at applying all the things I learned. I like to take small steps but my proudest moments have been very simple but personally rewarding.

My fellow students tell me they immediately recognised my shoots when seeing them by chance

They include things like when my fellow students tell me they immediately recognized my shots when seeing them by chance; and me saying to myself "You love this one!" (which doesn't happen very often!).

I had no clue how to give the subject of my food photography the interest it deserved.

During Composition Essentials

Composition Essentials made me aware of all the skills involved in good food photography

I needed (and still need) to work systematically on my skills. And I felt that all the tools covered on the course are "tangible".

That's not always the case when you try to learn an artistic discipline. It doesn't mean I am ready to apply all the skills successfully right after going through all the videos. But at least, I can try and, if I fail, I can keep trying, and do so with a purpose.

Up until that time, I really didn't know any other food photographers so that was a great win. Plus Rachel is a natural teacher, her content is thorough, consistent and always very valuable.

I still need to master most of these skills, but I feel much more confident right now. My short term objective is working on my editing know-how in order to obtain quality images.

And maybe in a medium term, trying to sell my photos (maybe in stock, to begin with).

I had no clue how to give the subject of my food photography the interest it deserved.

After taking Composition Essentials

Composition Essentials has made me aware of all the skills involved in good food photography, it has broadened my mind, and has given me the chance to get to know many fellow students whose work is incredible.

Where To Find Oriol Online

My name is Oriol and I am a full-time linguist from southern Europe. In my spare time, I bake and shoot my baking goods at home, in a big windowed south facing the kitchen. In addition to my passion for food and photography, I love visual arts and music, and I am a compulsive learner

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