Diana is *the* success story that inspires everyone. It can be hard to put ourselves out there and it takes courage to build up that confidence. I was so excited to see Diana’s confidence grow as her food photography is just jaw-droppingly stunning and was worth more than she was charging.

Just take a look at her images in this post.

She’s gone from hobby, to successfully running her first workshop at a profit and landing on-going photography work.

Let’s celebrate Diana’s results! ~ Rachel

Two Loves Studio Student Success Story - Diana Muresan

When I got serious about my food photography techniques, I knew that I wanted to monetize my skills and earn a living doing what I love. But I had no idea where to start.

How to find clients, how to price my services, and how to build a business from the ground up?

I felt overwhelmed by everything I didn't know, and had to figure out by myself.

I believed my food photography was good enough to get paid for but I was stuck at the first step.

I was stuck. I believed my photography was good enough to get paid for, but was stuck at the first step: what to do to move my business forward?

When Rachel mentioned the Food Photography Mastermind, I knew this was exactly the course I needed to give me some clarity about how to move forward in my journey and create a business I was proud of, and which could help me earn a living.

I was at a point in my journey where I wanted to transition from hobby to a business, and this course provided the information I needed to make this transition smoothly.

© Diana Muresan

© Diana Muresan

I booked new clients for my photography services, and one of them offered ongoing work

A few weeks ago I hosted my first food photography workshop, and this was a huge milestone for me. I booked new clients for my photography services, and one of them offered ongoing work.

The most important outcome, however, was confidence! I gained the confidence to pitch my work to clients, and I am no longer afraid to take up space in the industry.

Everyone started somewhere and this is my time!

I am looking forward to building my business day after day, and doing work that is both meaningful to me, and profitable. This course was a godsend to me! It came at the perfect time, and provided exactly the information I needed to turn my hobby into a business.

© Diana Muresan

If you want your work to be valued, YOU value it first!

My favourite part of the program was the goal setting and action planning. It gave me much needed clarity about exactly what I wanted to achieve and the actions needed to get myself there.

In terms of professional mindset, one of my favourite parts was the interview with Michelle Swan, when she said: "If I want clients to value my work, that starts with me." It was a huge a-ha moment because I realized how much influence I have over how my clients treat me and my work. If you want your work to be valued, YOU value it first!

© Diana Muresan

Where To Find Diana Online

Hi, I'm Diana, a Canadian food photographer with a love of wholesome veggie food and a giant sweet tooth. I love creating images that highlight the textural details in food, capturing a natural style with bold shadows and colours.

I work with food brands to bring their vision to life in images, and I teach beginner photogs how to make the first steps towards better images.

When I am not peaking through the viewfinder, I am chasing my 5-year old through the house or baking something delicious.

Website, Portfolio or Blog https://www.dianamuresan.com/
Pinterest https://www.pinterest.ca/craft_and_muse/
Other http://craftandmuse.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/craft_and_muse/